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The Rest of the story....

Posted by Marsha Reid on

The Rest of the story....

The Story continues…….

While Marsha was sitting on the beach at the “Funky Town” kiosk one day, Dawn had an appointment in Rockport at the Artisan Day Spa.  This spa was inside a beautiful old building which was only half filled.  The wheels started spinning for Dawn.  She called Marsha with a plan.

“There is a gorgeous old building for lease, what do you think?”  “Wow, have you ever done this before?” “No, have you?” “Do you have any money?” “No, do you?”  This is somewhat how the conversation went.  It ended with, “Let’s do it!”

Marsha spoke with the Artists from other kiosks about putting their art in our new store on consignment.  This was the start of Sassy. 

So with some “art”, some crafts, and some……let’s just say it, JUNK, Sassy opened on Sept. 1, 2009.  Every dime made went right back into the shop.  After a few months, we started buying a few items of clothing.  About a year went by and we decided we could make this a real business.  We thanked all the kind and talented people who helped us that first year, and we ventured out alone.

Now, in 2019, Sassy just ended the best year we’ve ever had, even after a devastating hurricane.  We have outgrown our beautiful, old building downtown, but never want to leave it.  Instead, we keep finding creative ways to “make more space”. 

If these old walls could talk, I’m sure stories of these crazy Sassy women would be right up there with the pool hall and bootlegger that once occupied this space.  So the story of the Cajun and the Texan continues in this amazing place called Sassy.

 To Be Continued……..

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  • Sounds like SassyBoutiques creators are also savvy! Luv success stories. Congratulations.

    Tawana on

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