About Us


Having met by chance in 2009, the owners of Sassy (Dawn & Marsha) have come a long way. An idea that started between two next-door neighbors chit chatting every evening, became a reality with hard work and a lotta SASS!

An idea that started between two next door neighbors chit chatting every evening, became a reality with hard work and a whole lotta’ Sass!

Originally Sassy was a kiosk on the beach of Port Aransas Texas, given the name FUNKY TOWN, (what were we thinking?) One day we stubble upon a vacant building in Downtown Rockport (out quaint little town). We jumped at the opportunity to expand! We had no idea what were in for, or what we were doing for that matter. BUT it turned out to be the best decision we ever made.

Since that time it has been an absolute whirlwind of an adventure with lots & lots of learning. Just as Sassy has grown, so has our friendship with each other as well as each of our customers. And we couldn’t be happier!

What we love about our story is knowing ANYTHING is possible. With hard work, dedication, determination and lots of support from friends you can do anything. Take it from two girls that had no idea what we were doing to running not only a brick & matar store to The also running an online store as well (yet another very big learning experience!) Almost 11 years later with no end in sight we have had so much fun, mixed with sleepless nights, anxiety & more new friendships than we ever thought possible.

Our motto is focused to unleashing every woman’s inner Sassy!


We want every person that shops with us to realize that a little sassy never hurt a soul…When you step into our store or even shop with us online you get a little sassy with every item. We remind our customers to be themselves, have fun & live life to the fullest. You ARE enough & you can do anything!

best accessory a girl can wear is confidence…oh and maybe a little lipstick.


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