May 01, 2018 2 min read

There's always trends right, like tons of "fashionistas" telling you what to wear and what not to wear...

We've definately been keeping an eye on trends that stick around and luckily Sassy has all THREE!

These looks won't die down after summer, they'll be around for a while so be sure to grab them while in stock and invest in your statement pieces for this summer. We're happy to say that each one of these looks are super affordable and comfy (like everything Sassy has)



This look is so flattering for all ages and the way this dress is shaped makes almost any body type look incredible. The off the shoulder look adds class but not the "red carpet" class that makes you feel overdressed. Expect to feel confident and cozy in this.  

I Want to See You Again





Okay, needless to say this model can rock anything but have no fear... so can you! Floral is one of those seasonal goddesses that come around when the weather is gorgeous and you feel like you can wear a bag and look good. However, we've seen a pattern that every spring and summer floral is somehow incorporated with trending patterns so be sure to stock up on your spring and summer florals! This dress is the perfect mix of spring and summer - add a cardigan for those chilly nights and bonfires. AHHHH! I can't get enough of how simple yet classic this beauty is <3

Dance Down the Hallway Floral Dress




3. DENIM <3

Okay, so denim seems to come back around spring every. single. year. and we have no idea why it isn't shown more with boutiques. I think women are scared to do the whole denim look but... this style is one you must have in your closet and keep for every season. The off-the-shoulder look mixed with denim... it's perfect!! You can't go wrong with this. Ever. Wear lighter pants to feel like a queen!

Take it to the Garden Top (Medium Blue)


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