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Being a girl is cool and all but, sometimes I look at social media and all the super cute clothes and go "ummm that doesn't look comfortable" so holding my feminine and girly side with comfort has been an experiment for years! I love sports, being outdoors and being active but I still ENJOY looking feminine.

These outfits are perfect for the girl who loves to feel just as good as she looks. No more uncomfortable clothes to look cute. This is being practical while staying true to your feminine edge.

Lets dive in!


1. The Tee-Shirt Dress!

Let's Go Shopping Dress (Cobalt)

This dress has pockets (WTF) amazeballs. It's by far the softest dress I have ever touched, felt, or wanted to sleep in - shop in - do everything in. SO, needless to say this dress called "Let's Go Shopping" in Cobalt blue (because blue is life) has my heart at number ONE! OH, even better... its $34.50 <3 plus a ton of colors to choose from! (I suggest buying one of each... just sayin)

Black---> https://bit.ly/2w2CfRk             Royal ---> https://bit.ly/2JEgWXW

Blush ---> https://bit.ly/2FwMFYU          Jade ---> https://bit.ly/2KnM9jz


2. Maxi Dress

Enjoying Pina Coladas (black)

Again, I have never seen another boutique with clothing this soft and that's not a joke. These dresses are almost the same as the tee-shirt in material but the look is much more flowy and better for night time when it gets a little chilly and you'd like your legs covered. The off the shoulder look is so fun and you can get away with wearing a bandu under it to give the girls a break... They're so awesome that anyone can look stunning in this, no matter what body type. This dress is called "Enjoying Pina Coladas" and you can grab it for $39.50 (such a bargain) and there's also a lot of colors to pick from this as well - so if you're looking to brighten your wardrobe there's a great selection for you! Or grab this black one and make it your new go-to for comfy cute day or night.

Black---> https://bit.ly/2w4l7ut      Coral ---> https://bit.ly/2HJiW4L



Queen Of The Walkway

SOOO let's talk about jumpers for a second and how insanely comfortable they are. This material is a little more tough than the tee-shirt dresses but easy to move in, breathable and trendy. You can dress this up or down and will almost 100% be complimented in this stand out jumper. The edginess to this makes it such a great piece to wear out to lunch or to a picnic. You can wear this anywhere -  like even to go grocery shopping - because it's that comfy. I don't think you can look bad in this! Wear it elegantly or with your hair in a messy bun, no makeup and sunglasses - you'll still look like the queen of comfy. This jumpsuit is called "Queen Of The Walkway" and it's $42.95!

Jumpsuit ---> https://bit.ly/2JICXVK


4. The Flowy Floral

You Make It Easy Maxi Dress


This dress is perfect for the girl who loves bright colors, comfort and FLORAL! It's eye-catching yet not too much "dress up." Wear it out casually with a pair of sandals or dress it up with a wedge. The shoe possibilities are insane. It's flowy enough that when you walk you feel air, which means you can actually breathe! Maxi's are the best to have especially because sometimes short dresses can pop up when there's a breeze and can cause you to feel a little uncomfortable about length. (even if it's not short at all) So, this maxi dress works with the wind and won't leave you feeling self-conscious. This beautiful dress is called "You Make It Easy Maxi Dress" and it's $32.95 (who can beat that price!?)

Dress ---> https://www.livelovesassy.com/products/6-1

I hope this helped with your comfy cute struggles! Make sure you follow Sassy's email to get special discounts, videos and updates on everything chic <3


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