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Let’s Talk Transition

Posted by Marsha Reid on

Let’s Talk Transition

Seasons, if you are lucky enough to have them, can be beautiful, They can also make dressing for the day difficult. The secret is layering.

Think outside the box for a bit. Mother probably told you some fashion “advice” that may have worked years ago, but is passe`.  Let’s look at a few….

  • Wearing white after Labor Day…..Please….keep your white in your closet ALL YEAR long. (Heard the term Winter White?)  White pants look great with blazers, cardigans, or jean jackets. Also pair a bulky sweater for a great look.


  • Packing up your sundresses and shorts when school starts….Another mistake. Sundresses look great with jean jackets also.  We love the look and feel of our summer items, so don’t pack them up, just add to them.  


  • There are many cute shorts, such as our striped or plaid ones that can transition into fall easily. Think about pairing your shorts with a cute cardi, or blazer,  tights, and boots and you will have an amazing look. 


  • Those bright “spring/summer” colored items? Yes, add a blue or black blazer and continue wearing them.


Just a few thoughts for you today.  If you are unsure how to dress for fall, especially while it’s still 96 degrees, come by or send us a message.  We want to help you look beautiful, just like the new season.

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