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How in the world did a cute young Cajun girl and an “older” Texas girl come together to create a Sassy legacy?  Many of you have never heard our story, so as we are nearing the end of another year, we thought we would tell you how all of this came to be.

In Jan. 2009, Marsha’s family moved to Rockport for her husband’s new job.  Moving to a new place, not knowing the lay of the land, they decided to move into an apartment.  As Marsha began moving some items into the new place, she passed her new neighbors, who were waiting on their new home to be finished.  “You moving in?” said a man sitting outside.  Introductions were made and everyone went about their business.

Dawn just happened to be that next door neighbor.  Neither Dawn nor Marsha were working, so we were home all day and spoke daily, and the conversations grew longer each day.  The apartments had a small office nook, and their nooks were shared by a common wall.  They could hear each other through the wall and began to “knock” at each other.  One day, Dawn took a leap and actually knocked on Marsha’s door.

Being an “old timer” of Rockport, (for a few years), Dawn offered to introduce Marsha to her friends and help her find something to do to occupy her time.  They would sit outside at night and dream up idea of what they could do.

A friend of Marsha’s was in Port Aransas purchasing a new home at Cinnamon Shores.  Marsha went to visit and they went to the office there for some business.  “This neighborhood is going to host the Southern Living Home of the Year this summer!” Marsha was told.  “There will be artist kiosks free of charge.”  Marsha wondered what “artist” actually meant to them.  After much discussion, Marsha was given a 5’x7’ kiosk to sell whatever during the summer.

This event was the start of Sassy, even though neither of them had any idea at the time what was in store for them.  They had a great summer sitting on the beach every day with new friends and occasionally making $10. selling their “treasures”. 

How could selling junk on the beach turn into the best boutique around?  Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Sassy Story………

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Bethlyn Dupnik
Bethlyn Dupnik

March 02, 2019

You gals were just meant to be!

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